84 cents

funny story…well maybe not belly laugh funny…more like schadenfreude funny but still……. it begins a few weeks ago…when i decided to reduce the price of my book…remember my book..the book repair for booksellers book…it’s a very good book you should all buy a copy . . . anyway . . . sales had slowed and I had just made a deal to create a EU edition at a lower price. . . so i decided to drop the price and the happy friendly bookseller that I am I scrolled back and refunded the difference to everyone who had bought one copy or many copies in that last week or so . . . . are you with me so far? well that included 2 booksellers who actually STOCK my book . . . the book on book repair for booksellers? its a very good book and you should all buy a copy . . . but alas i was in a hurry and well basically ME . . . so instead of refunding the difference I accidentally refunded my friend Jim V. at Isaiah Thomas Books in Cotuit, its a very good bookshop you should all visit it…the entire amount. Of course paypal can’t help you undo something after you undid it, so I told Jim and we laughed at the silly thing I did he said he’d repay me just as soon as he fixed the little thing that is wrong with his paypal account…someone hacked it and took a goodly amount of money from him… we agreed that was a terrible awful thing and that whomever did it should die horribly… preferably pressed to death under a great weight…all those abandoned yellow pages stacking up around the country should work nicely. So this morning I get a nice little surprise in my paypal stocking from Jim, and I turn around and pop off twenty dollars that i owed to Susan Halas in Hawaii and all was right with the world…and as I sat there I watched i horror as someone hacked MY account and left it with a balance of .84 cents. Now I know, i know paypal has all kinds of securities and procedures…which I immediately implemented i changed my passwords and security questions..i am really running out of childhood friends and pets names. a very nice child at paypal informed me that they should have this reasonably investigated and reverse in about 10 days. which would have been all well in good if several bills weren’t due yesterday, and i need to pay my last installment on the not my truck that i have been driving around for the last three months..and the heart breakingest thing was that i am due to go BOOK SHOPPING in Maine tomorrow for like the first time in forever. < insert image of self weeping into a cut crystal glass of white port, which i have been saving for a rainy day > no, i won’t starve for the next 10 days, and nothing in my life has REALLY changed all that much as I am getting rather good at telling people that i will gladly pay them Wednesday for a hamburger today. But sometimes it’s nice to actually pay someone what you owe them. For a split second you feel very good about yourself and forget about the 9 other people lined up behind them. I had every intention of NOT spending money today anyway…it may be black friday for everyone else in the country…a high holiday of the capitalist religion with all the ceremonial rites that attends..but some of us are strict atheists in EVERY sense of the word and I hadn’t intended to spend any money today out of pure spite and contrariness. But instead I have to spend the next 10 days reconstructing websites and trying to flog more copies of book repair for booksellers which is a very good book you should all buy a copy.

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