Welcome to all those lost souls who have found their way her accidentally through Evan Davis’ off hand reference. Who knew running out of stuff to write about on New Year’s Eve would result in 5000 window shoppers in one day? The Bullpen is more or less an online magazine for the entertainment of the members of the BibliophileGroup Mailing List, a community of a several thousand booksellers and bibliophiles. If it amuses anyone else, that’s a nice by-product.

et tu PU? • Princeton University will make about 1 million public domain books available to Google Inc.’s book scan project.

blog of note • the Independent Photo Gallery blog has grown by leaps and bounds lately, with lots of yummy images of a lot of Bullpen regulars.

off the rack • Tune in for the latest on the Cussler suing everyone involved for Sahara‘s financial failure. Deja vu, didn’t he learn anything suing everyone for Raise the Titanic?

super shopping • A first edition of Fleming’s first Bond novel Casino Royale, is expected to fetch at least $19,600 when it goes up for sale at an auction in London.

worth reading • from the NYT, a trip through Flannery O’Connor’s Georgia.

worth seeing • New US release of the UK movie The Chatterly Affair, a speculative drama about the Nov 1960 obscenity trial of Penguin Books publication of Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

music of the plains • At Vassar Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and Academy Award winning composer team up for the musical Prairie, based on the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. [via maud newton]

blog of note • Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie has a a lovely selection of science fiction related plates on display, including oens from Bradbury and Ellison.

site to see • congratulations to Arnivan and his now 10 year old Bookfinder.com!
blog of note • Marty Weil’s ephemera blog has an interview with Richard Horwitz, the past president of the Road Map Collectors Association.

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