stupidity endures • A bookish blog that I have been reading regularly Tech Ramblings from the Rare Book Trade is shutting down, because the blog’s writer’s rare bookseller employer didn’t like the fact that he was including links to OTHER booksellers in his personal blog. So, the blogger in fear for his job, shut down his blog before it was even a year old. I say that the blogger should get a lawyer – but if he is like the rest of us he can’t afford to defend his own rights. Unless your employer is paying you to blog or you are using company resources to produce your blog. Your employer should keep his fucking pinheaded complaints to himself. For many centuries booksellers have embraced the fact that MORE booksellers are better than fewer booksellers. We like to congregate, that’s why we have fairs and booktowns, and mailing lists and online databases. Any publicity is good publicity and having links to other booksellers is an accepted community practice. I don’t know who he works for specifically, but if I knew his name he’s probably someone I have heard of professionally and I say he’s a big fat hairy idiot. I invite the Tech Rambling Blogger whose name I don’t know, to send the Bullpen any guest posts he may want to produce. But since this is the poorest of church mouse blogs, I can’t afford compensation, just gratitude and sympathy.

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