money rules • Keeping Cockfight Magazines ( from AP) — says it will keep selling two magazines about cockfighting, despite plans by the Humane Society of the United States to file a lawsuit Thursday accusing the company of operating an illegal “animal-fighting paraphernalia sale and distribution scheme.” [read more]

well worth reading •
From Harper’s magazine Jonathan Lethem has an essay on plagiarism and perception : “Ecstasy of Influence”

site to see • for those with an allergy to paper – Pixel-Letter is an online service that for a small fee, will print and mail your letter using the REAL postal system. Looks like it’s Europe only at the moment, but give it time. Why can’t I ever think of stuff like this?

idiot alert • A judge is contemplating the case filed by 2 Lexington MA couples who don’t want the public school system to tell their children that gays exist. Yep we have stupid sauce in the water her too.

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