Feb 8, 2007

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1646 – John Milton wrote a commemorative sonnet to Henry Lawes, who composed the music for Milton’s masque Comus.
1866 – George Ade, American journalist, playwright, and humorist was born (d. 1944)
1874 – Amy Lowell is born Brookline, MA (d.1925)
1893 – Verdi’s opera Falstaff premiered in Milan.
1923 –Brendan Behan is born Dublin Ireland (d 1964)
1926 – Ernest Hemingway delivered the manuscript of The Torrents of Spring, a satire of the style of Sherwood Anderson, to Boni & Liveright’s, Anderson’s and Hemingway’s publisher, in New York. When they refused to publish it, he was free to take it to Max Perkins at Scribner’s. It was a calculated plan by Perkins, Fiztgerald, and Hemingway to bring Hemingway to Scribner’s.
1944 – Alice Walker is born Eatonton GA

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