naughty, naughty • Elie Wiesel was attacked and dragged out of a San Francisco hotel elevator last week, by a Holocaust denier who may have been stalking him.

music to read by • Harper Collins Canada is issuing a soundtrack to accompany Vikram Chandra’ s book Sacred Games.

worth reading •
in the Tehachapi News’ Weedpatch Gazette Sam Heath has an opinion about why Harper Lee never wrote another book. (you know i just wanted to quote the ‘Weedpatch’ Gazette )

oh fabio •
from AP wire – Books By You sells personalized romance novels where the reader is the star. Apparently it’s VERY popular around this time of year. ( What’s next choose your own sex adventure ? hey wait a minute . . . forget i said that . . . anyone know a copyright lawyer?

banktoaster •
here’s another list of free faxing services, I have only tried a few of them. But for the few faxes I send or receive a year, on online service works fine. Besides if i had an in-house fax machine again, it would only get clogged with all natural viagra adds.

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