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1600 – The Globe Theatre’s clown, Will Kempe, an associate of Will Shakespeare, dances a jig all the way from London to Norwich to win a bet. (Thomas Sly plays the tabor, George Sprat supervises the wager.)
1670 – William Congreve, English Restoration dramatist was (d 1729) baptized in Yorkshire
1749 – the 10 volume serialization of Henry Fielding’s novel the History of Tom Jones finishes publication.
1862 – the poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti came home to his house in Chelsea and found his wife Lizzie Siddal dead, a victim of a laudanum overdose. (Some say that her health had deteriorated because she posed for John Everett Millais’ painting of the drowned Ophelia in a bathtub filled with water and warmed only by candles.)
1890 – Russian novelist Boris Pasternak was born (d 1960)
1898 – Bertolt Brecht is born in Augsburg, Germany. (d 1956)
1949 – Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, opened at the Morosco Theater in New York City.

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