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399 BCE –
the Greek philosopher Socrates was sentenced to death.
1715 – Lemuel Gulliver with great sadness departed from the Land of the Houynhnms, in the fourth of the voyages to “several remote nations of the world.”
1879 – the U.S. Congress authorized women lawyers to practice before the Supreme Court.
1883 – Sax Rohmer, English author (d. 1959)
1916 – Ian Ballantine, publisher and founder of Ballantine Books, was born (d.1995) Whom I actually met once, at the first ever Paperback Collector’s Convention in N.J.
1945 – Douglas R. Hofstadter was born, his book Gödel, Escher, Bach won the Pulitzer prize for non-fiction.
1950 – William Inge’s Come Back, Little Sheba premiered in New York City.

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