Well how was YOUR day? Mine turned out pretty good – considering I started off the day on the phone with my cell phoney carrier banging my head against my desk. Cause no matter which ‘plan’ they put me on never seems to save me any money. I swear the next time someone tells me ‘unlimited nights and weekends’ I’m gonna reach out and throttle someone. Nights and weekends are when I turn the ringer OFF. Guys, when someone has a history of NEVER making calls on nights or weekends . . . THAT’S NOT A SELLING POINT. It took them a while to convince me that although THEY put me on the wrong plan by accident I am still on the hook for their mistake and it took another 30 minutes to find the right ‘plan’ where I wasn’t contracted to them for an ungodly amount of time. My conclusion – there is no right plan. All these companies suck, and the best we can hope for is retaining our right to change out mind. Something they DO NO LIKE in the least. One of my favorite blogs it the Consumerist, aside from giving good advice it will keep you glued for hours reading other people’s tales of woe. Makes one feel less alone.

something new • Newsweek has a piece up about the new Annotated Cat in the Hat.

banktoaster • another web 2.0 product make your own comic strips at Comeeko.com why am i such a sucker for these things? [via lifehacker]

worth hearing • from NPR Eric Klinenberg’s talks about his new book is Fighting for Air: The Battle to Control America’s Media

follow up • Download squad has all the info you need to show support for Julie Amero the teacher who was railroaded by malware. there but for the grace, you know.

well worth watching • Netflix sent me Stolen – the terrific heartbreaking documentary about the Fine Art heist from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which is available from Stolen the film website.

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