fair-ness – From Atwood’s mechanical hand to the guy from Google, “What technology can do” was the theme of this year’s the London Book Fair and a HarperCollins UK, exec fears Amazon’s move into publishing more than Google’s digitization…..is this good or bad?

game preserves – The editor of the beloved Chambers Dictionary is trying to save the ‘zoozoo’, ‘obernowl’, ‘logodaedalus’, ‘incompossible’ and supernaculum’. toasterChambers online offers 2 free PDF books, Word Wit and Wisdom – charts the fascinating history of The Chambers Dictionary and Scrabble® Hints.

cookiesnominees for the UK Orange Prize for Fiction by a woman announced:

  • Leila Aboulela – Minaret
  • Lorraine Adams – Harbor
  • Naomi Alderman – Disobedience
  • Jill Dawson – Watch Me Disappear
  • Helen Dunmore – House of Orphans
  • Philippa Gregory – The Constant Princess
  • Alice Greenaway – White Ghost Girls
  • Gail Jones – Dreams of Speaking
  • Nicole Krauss – The History of Love
  • Hilary Mantel – Beyond Black
  • Sue Miller – Lost in the Forest
  • Joyce Carol Oates – Rape: A Love Story
  • Marilynne Robinson – Gilead
  • Curtis Sittenfeld – Prep
  • Ali Smith – The Accidental
  • Zadie Smith – On Beauty
  • Carrie Tiffany – Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living
  • Celestine Hitiura Vaite – Frangipani
  • Sarah Waters – The Night Watch
  • Meg Wolitzer – The Position

hot to trotHarness Tracks of America has launched a new service to the sport. The association of 42 harness tracks has added a Rare Books division to its Web site, offering “the rarest of the rare” in literature of the trotting and pacing horse. I just love this story….how many industries care about their own literature?

worth whileWashington Post has an interview with Chapel Hill Professor Bart Ehrman author of Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why. Prof Ehrman was also a guest on NPR’s Fresh Air in Dec. I am not religiously inclined and I found this fascinating.

ex-patsJM Coetzee has become an Australian citizen.

memento mori
The ashes of M. M. Kaye, the author of The Far Pavilions, were scattered in Lake Piccola in Udaipur, India over the weekend.
Bloomington novelist Harold Sinclair is remembered 40 years after his passing.

un-news Alexander McCall Smith wants to build a hot tub in the garden of his £1m home.

banktoaster – For those of us who use such things
Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

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