worth hearing • from NPR’s Talk of the Nation Henry Louis Gates reexamines Uncle Tom’s Cabin new annotated edition.

blog of note • Today in Letters literary blog has a marvy letter up from Hemingway to Hotchner today featuring the delightful line “No sense to cry over spilt shit. Now THAT’s a t-shirt.

something new •
Booklust has a review of the new Oliver Jeffers book The Incredible Book Eating Boy! Yes I already ordered my copy.

super shopping • from the Guardian – A copy of John Steinbeck’s 1939 novel The Grapes of Wrath has sold for $47,800 (£24,380), believed to be a world record for a book by the Nobel Prize-winning author. Previously owned by Steinbeck’s sister, Elizabeth Steinbeck Ainsworth and carrying a personalized inscription.

obit of note • Australian author Elizabeth Jolley dies, aged 83

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