big bad boy – Because of flagging sales Pearson Prentice Hall gave six art scholars free reign to revise the 1056 page Janson’s History of Art, and the NYT is doing a ‘page six’ on who’s in and who’s out.

badbooksthe Da Vinci Code isn’t the only book people love to rag on – via the LA Times London’s Stephen Bayley regales us with a few more.

everybody poohs – the US and Egyptian gov’ts gave 700 new books to each of 38,000 Egyptian public school.

books n’ barsFloridian youthful offenders reading their way through their jail time, whereas a UK inmate is being denied magic books, to limit his knowledge of Houdini-ing.

the shortlist for the Blooker Prize has been announced. The Lulu Blooker Prize is the world’s first literary prize devoted to “blooks”: books based on blogs or websites

BBC has the list of nominees for the 2006 Aventis Prize for popular science writing, previous winners have been Bill Bryson, Stephen Hawking and Jared Diamond.

• Electric Universe – How Electricity Switched on the Modern World by David Bodanis
• Collapse – How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive by Jared Diamond
• The Elements of Murder – A History of Poison, John Emsley
• The Gecko’s Foot – Bio-inspiration – Engineering New Materials from Nature by Peter Forbes
• The Silicon Eye – How a Silicon Valley Company Aims to Make All Current Computers, Cameras, and Cell Phones Obsolete by George Gilder
• Parallel Worlds – The Science of Alternative Universes and our Future in the Cosmos by Michio Kaku
• Power, Sex, Suicide – Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life by Nick Lane
• Venomous Earth – How Arsenic Caused the World’s Worst Mass Poisoning by Andrew Meharg
• Empire of the Stars – Friendship, Obsession and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes by Arthur I. Miller
• Seven Deadly Colours – The Genius of Nature’s Palette and how it Eluded Darwin by Andrew Parker
• The Truth About Hormones – What’s Going on when we’re Tetchy, Spotty, Fearful, Tearful or Just Plain Awful by Vivienne Parry
• Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis – The Quest to Find the Hidden Law of Prime Numbers by Dan Rockmore
• The Fruits of War – How War and Conflict have Driven Science by Michael White

naughty – Thieves check out books from the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library (OR) and sell them to local bookshops.

naughtier –
Book Club Associates (BCA), part of the Bertelsman publishing empire has been behaving badly and now we have a paper trail.

naughtiestAuthor and playwright Clyde Edgerton was robbed at gunpoint near the Cape Fear Regional Theatre last week.

memento mori –
Mabel Herbert, author of ‘The Married Life of Helen and Warren’, is remembered 50 years after her passing.

banktoaster – Make your own 80×15 brilliant buttons like this one or

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