Well didn’t my day just rock – and I mean that in its most ironic sense.

First I get a casual email from a fella who wants to know if I am related to the fella who shot Ghandi, considering the names are you know . . . phonetically similar. Then comes all over surprised that I am slightly disturbed at the inference. (In short my name is a mutation of the English surname Godfrey, I guess back when Ss were written like Fs someone got a little lazy and voilá.) Now then this evening I get bitch slapped by the owner of one of my favorite websites because I complained about the site suddenly running adverts for bondage porn. Nevermind that entire bookworld news cycle is about a few idiotic librarians taking offense at the appearance of the word scrotum, (I am gonna try to work that word into all my posts from now on) Please tell me I am not the only one who gets embarrassed when the London Times or the Australian Broadcast Corp reports on these muttonheads getting their 15 minutes of fame. I truly want to blame BushCheney and the right wing conservative agenda but I think its wider ranging that that. For some reason a large part of the US population has decided that de-evolution is more comforting and are slowly edging us all towards infantilism. When grownup words and concept frighten them, and they feel if they are scared by these things than they must be scary to everyone else. But the troubling part is that WE, the media, the powers that be and even GOVERNMENTAL BODIES ARE LISTENING TO THESE knuckle draggers instead of ignoring or mocking them properly. It’s all part of the pornification of our culture everything is oversexualized even words that carry no sexual connotation are imbued with one – ’cause basically we all have dirty minds. I say it’s scrotum and I say the hell with it.

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