Goofed off day – we actually had this bright glowing ball appear in the sky today. I am not sure what its called, or if it will ever come back, but it illuminated everything. So, I took a couple of my cameras for a walk around the block. That’s my house and this is one of the architectural devices on the local library. (its the library founder trying to be scary)

blog of note • if you haven’t been visiting Bibliodyssey you have been missing out. Todays entry are some gorgeous artists books.

blog of note • Michael Leiberman’s Book Patrol has the skinny on the Kenyan Camel Library Service. Yes, I said camel.

you don’t mind if i? • from the Guardian – York the birthplace of WH Auden department of tourism has trained local cab drivers to to recite his poems to their unsuspecting passengers.

H² oh oh • A water leak that damaged the top four floors of the Lexington Public Library reached the rare-books room.

something new • Blogcritics reviews Janet Evanovich NASCAR tie in Motor Mouth as “an enjoyable though completely forgettable mystery” I wonder how many writers CAN fit on a bandwagon?


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