Y. suggested I post this, if only as an example of the difference between the US and well . . . the rest of the world. In the US this bus driver would A. be sued by the thief, B. Be sued by the Passengers and C. Be fired from his job. But that’s just in the US.

The Daily Telegraph

by Lillian Saleh

“CAN you give me one minute?” With those words bus driver Michael Simon leapt from his bus, chased a thief 80m, tackled him to the ground and made a citizen’s arrest yesterday.

The 41-year-old was behind the wheel of a 423 bus on busy King St, Newtown, in Sydney’s inner west when he pulled up at a stop at 11.30am (AEDT).

It was then he noticed a man running out of a book store chased by a woman yelling: “Stop, stop, stop.” Mr Simon stopped his bus with up to 30 people on board and excused himself.

“My first reaction was the safety of my passengers, so I secured the bus and then turned to them and said, ‘Can you give me one minute?’,” he said.

The State Transit driver of nine years then leapt from the bus and chased the thief 80m before tackling him to the ground.

“I used to play a bit of football so it came in handy,” Mr Simon said.

‘I grabbed him with one arm by the collar and the other arm by the waist and told him I was performing a citizen’s arrest before walking him back towards the shop.

“All he said was, ‘Okay, fair enough’.”

After handing the thief over to Gould’s Book Arcade owner Bob Gould, Mr Simon calmly walked back to his bus.

“When I got back in the passengers gave me a big round of applause and I just continued on my way,” he said.

Amazingly, it is Mr Simon’s second citizen’s arrest in less than two years, having also tackled a man who pushed over a woman.

Mr Gould said he did not call the police.

Btw He stole Self Help Books, perhaps he took them literally?

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