Not slacking off just busy, my 83 yr old mother the has reached phase where most of the things on her shopping list are scarce, rare or impossible to find. Go try to find Moxie in a can and then come talk to me. On the other hand my vintage camera birthday present to myself from 3 months ago just came back from the repair shop.

blog of note • the Millions Blog about books has a nifty rant which notes the glaring omission of bookish blogs from the major blog awards.

talking head • Marty Weil’s ephemera blog interviews Linda and Stan Zielinski authors of Children’s Picturebook Price Guide.

sticky stuff • Joanne Kaufman has an appreciation of the humble bookplate in the Wall Street Journal [via Win Schaeffer]

obit of note • Lothar-Gunther Buchheim, author of Das Boot has died at age 89.

dancing on pinheads • the Guardian dares to ask the question “who is the UK’s greatest living author?”

worth reading • the Comics Should be Good Blog has a marvelous couple of posts on a visit to the Richard Hugo House and Zine Archive Publishing Project, a writer’s non-profit collective in Seattle. I am still shocked they have those anymore, I am old enough to remember when they were plentiful.

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