1564 –
Christopher Marlowe, English dramatist (d. 1593)
1802 – Victor Hugo is born in Besancon, France (d. 1885)
1891 – Henrik Ibsen’s play Hedda Gabler premiered in Oslo.
1893 – I. A. Richards, English literary critic (d. 1979)
1898 – Stephen Crane inscribes a copy of The Little Regiment to Joseph Conrad
1902 – Jean Bruller (Vercors) is born (d.1991)
1918 – Theodore Sturgeon, American writer (d. 1985)
1956 – The English poet Ted Hughes met the hapless, suicidal American poet Sylvia Plath at an academic party at Cambridge. She was immediately taken with him: “The one man in the room who was as big as his poems, huge . . . I screamed in myself, thinking oh, to give myself crashing, fighting, to you.”
1962 – Arthur Kopit‘s Oh, Dad, Poor Dad . . .mama’s hung you in the closet and I’m feeling so sad premiered in New York City.

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