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light in the darknessReason.com’s Jonathan Rausch writes about A new Arab language website, MisbahAlHurriyya.org(“Lamp of Liberty”) is hoping to change the world by publishing liberal classics translated into Arabic — at dire risk to the translator and publisher, who must work in secret.

MEOW – The Independent reports on what it considers to be the Ten Worst Biographies.

Hillary Clinton Living History
Paul Burrell A Royal Duty
Anthea Turner Fools Rush In
Alan Shearer My Story So Far
Tom Maschler Publisher
Sir Norman Fowler Ministers Decide
Lillian Hellman An Unfinished Woman
James Frey A Million Little Pieces
Jane Fonda My Life So Far
Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf

hidden treasure – In 1943 well known French novelist Irène Némirovsky gave the manuscript for Suite Française to her daughter, Denise Epstein who carried it in a suitcase while hiding from gendarmes in Vichy France. Némirovsky later died in Auschwitz, but it was decades before Epstein could bear to open the suitcase and the novel considered the French War and Peace is now a bestseller.

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