spy hard • According to secret files WH Auden was probably involved in the dramatic disappearance of the Cambridge spies Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean in 1951.

blog of note • Today in Letters ( a much more well researched blog than this one) has a letter from Anna-Mahler-Werfel and now all I can hear in my head is Tom Lehrer’s song musical eulogy ‘Alma’

super shopping • from the Guardian- Sotheby’s has up the first printed atlas of England and Wales, made up of two fabulously rare sets of Tudor maps bound in a sensational volume, and charts of Sir Francis Drake’s expedition to the West Indies with the first printed plan of any American city.

lost n found • A 2,200-year-old statue of the goddess Hera has been found built into the walls of a city under Mount Olympus. The headless marble statue was discovered last year during excavations in the ruins of ancient Dion, some 53 miles southwest of Thessaloniki.

blog of note • Leif Peng’s Today’s Inspiration is a tribute to obscure illustrators of the 40s and 50s.

cool tool • How to Backup a Blogger² Blog – Well it’s not as easy as it was with Old Blogger – but it can be done. Quick and dirty : http://BLOGNAME.blogspot.com/search?max-results=1000 ( or number of posts)

banktoaster • take a few club cards out of your wallet and print off ONE card to rule them all . . . take their place with Just One Club Card

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