worth reading • The Grumpy Old Bookman rears his head with a lovely post of many things including taking on the recent UK ‘favourite’ books poll :

“We are asked to believe, for instance, that Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment is the fifth favourite all-time book among male readers. OK. Now, just for the record, let me say that I spent my entire working life in academic institutions, the last 25 years of it in a university. So I think I can say that I mixed with some fairly intelligent and well-read people. And in the whole of that time I never, ever, came across anyone who had read Crime and Punishment. I did, on the other hand, meet a lot of people who had read the entire Ian Fleming canon, though Fleming, naturally, appears nowhere in last week’s list.”Joy of Cooking

blog of note todays The Simple DollarJoy of Cooking Irma Rombauer. A heartwarming ode to a must own book.

must read • Using Kurt Vonnegut’s own eerily prescient words, Maud Newton fires back at US Attorney Murphy’s campaign for appointment to the US Court of Appeals. He’s the nimrod who is equating the dissemination of books by Toni Morrision,Vonnegut and Richard Wright with distribution of pornography. Am I wrong? when’s the last time anyone called something porn that didn’t have any pictures?

cookies • A former longtime Vermont librarian has won a $10,000 award for her work in providing books to African villages.

death rattle • read Michael Lieberman’s Book Patrol write up on Southern Oregon County shutting down a library system that services 100,000 patrons.

other people’s labor • Fine Books and Collections Scott Brown has a well researched post on the points of Faulkner’s Sound and the Fury. $3.00 was a lot of money in 1929 – using Measuring Worth value calculator the CPI equivalent would be 34 bucks. Which sounds rather high – but nevertheless you REALLY had to want to own a book back then.

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