herding cats • a report and pictures from the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

super shopping •
The Greater Victoria Public Library’s rare first edition King James Bible, one of the copies with the typographical error in the Book of Ruth, is on the block at Sotheby’s. The Library doesn’t have the proper environment to preserve a book of such vintage and importance

book police • John Wiley uses enforcement associates to hunt down book bootleggers, the NY sun profiles Patrick Murphy who tracks down and buys pirated books and the ultra-secret teachers’ editions of textbooks off web vendors.

worth reading • Leonard Pitts, Jr. Miami Herald columnist replaces Bossard Elementary Schools parent-napped book on Cuba and comments on censorship by crime: “Between a guy being arrested in 2003 for wearing a “Give Peace A Chance” T-shirt to reporters’ having tape recorders seized and erased at a 2004 speech by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, I wonder if anybody takes fifth-grade civics anymore.”

obit of note •
Henri Troyat at 95, one of the great figures of modern French literature and one of France’s most popular biographers.

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