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1512 –
French mapmaker Gerardus Mercator was born. Because of its ability to represent lines of constant true bearing or true course, known as rhumb lines, as straight line segments his Eurocentric projection is still used by cartographers.
1750 – Shakespeare made his first appearance on the American stage, when Richard III was presented on a New York stage.
1807 – Beethoven’s 4th Symphony was first performed in concert. Site to seeClassical Music Pages.
1839 – Charlotte Brontë writes to the Reverend Henry Nussey declining his proposal of marriage for the same reasons Jane Eyre uses to decline the Reverend St. John Rivers: “I am not the serious, grave, cool-hearted individual you suppose; you would think me romantic and eccentric.”
1852 – Poet, playwright, mistress of William Butler Yeats, Lady Isabella Gregory was born. (d 1932)
1853 – Howard Pyle, writer and illustrator was born. (d 1911)
1870 – American novelist Frank Norris was born. (d. 1902)
1942 – Dmitri Shostakovitch’s Seventh or “Leningrad” Symphony premiered in Siberia. The score was smuggled out of Leningrad.
1954 – Dylan Thomas’ Under the Milkwood was published posthumously.

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