Yes, a bomb went off in Baghdad’s book district – big freaking surprise. Did the war finally get your attention? News Flash – we invaded Iraq FOUR YEARS AGO and it is still a war zone. People and things are getting blow up, killed and destroyed there EVERY DAY. Children, old folks, cab drivers, 95 journalists. What? did you think that bookstores were safe zones? whatever gave you that arrogant idea? War doesn’t care about bookstores, or museums, or architecture, or children who may grow up to doctors. War is loud, messy, destructive and heartless and ultimately unwieldy enterprise. Did you think it could be contained? restrict it to certain ‘zones’? Do you really think putting more bright young green soldiers riding around in humvees would some how placate a city 81 square miles of terrified civilians and screaming insane combatants? War will not be contained. Whomever had the bright idea that WAR was the first, best and controllable answer to a problem should be tied to an IED with small children throwing rocks at their head. I am sorry if I disappoint folks I won’t rend and wail because a bookstore was bombed instead of an emergency room. It was inevitable. Besides I am already running at full pitch because of every bombing, every IED, every kidnapping, every mealy mouth denial that this was a BAD FREAKING IDEA to begin with. You want to help the booksellers of Baghdad? don’t offer to take up a collection – buy a stamp and tell your fat ass congressman/senator to get us the hell out of a country that we shouldn’t have invaded in the first place.

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