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1806 – Elizabeth Barrett Browning is born Durham England, (d. 1861) She fell off a horse as a child, and as a result was an invalid for much of her life. She was doted upon by her father until she was 40 years old, at which time she fell in love with the poet Robert Browning, and secretly married him. Her father never allowed her back into his house, and returned her letters unopened. Her intensely happy 15 years of marriage ended when she died in Browning’s arms, in Florence, at 55.
1831 – Edgar Allen Poe is expelled from West Point.
1835 – John Stuart Mill had to go to Thomas Carlyle and tell him that the maid had discarded the draft of the first volume of Carlyle’s The French Revolution, which Mill had asked to read so that he could write a review of the work. Carlyle had already discarded his notes.
1857 – the United States Supreme Court rendered its most infamous decisions, the Dred Scott case, which said essentially that slaves had no civil rights, even in free territory.
1885 – Ring Lardner, American writer (d. 1933)
1887 – Customs authorities in Toronto seize and destroy, as immoral and obscene, 100 copies of novels by Emile Zola.
1917 – Will Eisner, American illustrator and cartoonist (d. 2005)
1926 – Ernest Hemingway gave himself four months to finish the revisions on The Sun Also Rises
1928 – Gabriel Garcia Marquez is born Aracaracca Colombia

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