At the risk of callously avoiding the complete carnage in the world, my yesterday was pretty crappy. The temperature plummeted in these parts and the stupid idiot tenant upstairs refuses to put his storm windows down. So the heat in my apartment keeps rising nicely to heat his and it was a little too cold to type, and my laptop bought with the express purpose of working from under the covers has got some sort of connectivity issues. AND one of cats went to sleep with the fishes – well he wasn’t MY cat – or maybe he was. Snake was a mean nasty old tom cat who lived outside most months – I brought him in every winter- half blind, deaf, FIV+, toothless and arthritic – he didn’t like me or anyone – he kinda reminded me of my mother. He developed diabetes and didn’t have much of a life quality left. Hope someone has the decency to do that to me one day.

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