I spent the entire day thinking it was a totally different day . . . . don’t ask – if you work out of the house too much and don’t see many other two leggers, the days tend to bleed into one another. Luckily it wasn’t as damn cold today, I had to crawl through the town recycling bins looking for a box large enough to ship a binding machine. I had put it up on eBay and got royally screwed both in closing bids and with the eBay calculated shipping charges. Won’t be using THAT function again. But at least I can finally sweep under the desk.

site to see • a round up of the Literary Museums of Russia [via Maud Newton]

talking heads • Abebooks has an interview with M C Beaton, by the way 2 of the 3 seasons of Hamish MacBeth are out on DVD in the US. Well worth a looksee if only for the scenery.

worth hearing • WBUR’s On Point had an interview with Jim Harrison on his new book Returning to Earth.

worth watching • and aside from the Hamish MacBeth’s mysteries on DVD, keep an eye peeled for Rosemary and Thyme Series 1 -3. I have been waiting patiently for Series three which has just been released. They are ‘gardening’ mysteries, very English OF COURSE, and the closest thing I have ever seen to a filmed ‘cozy’. Dandy mysteries, beautiful locations and unfortunately NOT based on a series of books. 8(

a palable hit • Goliath stumbles, Tyler Stewart, owner of Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, has won the latest battle to keep his science fiction specialty shop alive.

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