When it rains it pours – despite all the stuff in my todo piles . . . yep plural. . . I got two calls for help today a buddy of mine needs to push out 700 copies of an annual report for tomorrow ( remind me to make an “I live to collate” t-shirt) and the local ACO (Animal Control Officer) asked me to take care of 2 households with many unneutered cats. One has ferals in the barn, which I will hopefully TNR (trap neuter and release) this weekend and one family has 6 unaltered cats IN the House (what IS it with people can’t they ADD? 1 + 1 = TOO FREAKING MANY?) which i will have to work on next week – with any luck the number will not rise above 6 by then. You KNOW you are in trouble with the ACO makes DELIVERIES to your house.

On the bright side it was marginally warmer inside today – I do need to get me some of those Bob Crachit fingerless gloves. I have started a game of PhotoTag with Y. in Australia – I send her a picture of something and she sends me back a picture of a similar something and so forth – today She sent me a ‘chap reading’ – HA. I don’t know where I’m gonna find someone reading outdoors in 10 degree weather. I will have to go play spy in the library.

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