i’m on day 3 of a migraine – go read someone else today.

Boekendingen has the skinny on the Book from the Sky. (above)

Front Free Endpaper has been doing some posts on book design.

Critical Mass has an appreciation of John Leonard including his Lifetime Achievment speech.

• Jeremy’s Philobiblos always worth a looksee, has a tidbit about an unreported book theft.

Fine Books Blog has a link to the Diagram Prize for the Worst Book Titles Ever.

Maud Newton seems to be the first person to get all the good gossip.

BibliOdyssey has a never ending stream of biblio eyecandy.

Bill Peschel has a quick little calendar worth a looksee

Michael Leiberman’s Book Patrol is always well worth reading, esp his post on the ALA Cuban Book Crisis.

Marty Weil’s ephemera blog has an interview with Charles Brubaker is a comic strip collector and a cartoonist.

Our own Mad Bookseller has branched out into writing biblio poetry.

Sara’s Books Used and Rare, has the brick and mortar POV covered.

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