March 11th, 1818 • a 21 year old Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley published Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus.

trash day • Cumbria library find it’s easier to pulp books rather than sell them. Hell i could have told them that.

NPR tidbits
• interview with David Laskin author of The Children’s Blizzard the terrible pre-global warming suprise snowstorm that killed mostly children

Doris Lessing has two new books out Time Bites: Views and Reviews and The Story of General Dann and Mara’s Daughter, and Griot and the Snow Dog

• Susan Stamberg reflects on a WWII era where she witnesses the homecoming of young men from a Pennsylvania town who died in World War II.

• Chris Bachelder Resurrects Upton Sinclair in the comedic novel U.S.!

• Exploring why Whistler’s Mother removed from the latest edition of Janson’s History of Art. But don’t worry she is still installed in the Museum of Depressionist Art website

Pilgrim on the Great Bird Continent by Lyanda Lynn Haupt
Female Caligula: Ranavalona – The Mad Queen of Madagascar by Keith Laidler

just in from Win Schaeffer :
the Ayn Rand dating service. it’s so nice these people can find each other.

Sheffield’s a Chicago Bar holds a Reading Under the Influence on the first Wednesday night of every month. The rules are simple: Guest readers, who themselves are authors, read from the published works of unidentified writers, tossing down a shot of booze before and after. Sounds like my kinda pub.

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