1474 –
Sir Thomas Malory author of Le Morte Darthur (sic) died on or about this day, more or less.
1711 – Joseph Addison in the tenth number of The Spectator observed that he was pleased to note that Londoners were “inquiring day by day after these my papers.”
1846 – Elizabeth Barrett writes to Robert Browning: ‘If it will satisfy you that I should know you, love you, love you – when then indeed … You should have my soul to stand on if it could make you stand higher.’ She sounds like a door mat.
1863 – The Italian soldier, novelist, danger junkie Gabriele D’Annunzio, (d 1938)
1922 – (d 1969)
1928 – Edward Albee, Washington, D.C.
1987 – Les Misérables opens on Broadway.

site to see • Library Of Congress Exhibit – Women Come to the Front – Journalists, Photographers and Broadcasters during World War II.

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