Yes I am alive – thanks to caffeine, Tylenol, a pair of sunglasses and the fact that when I bent over gravity didn’t actually pull my eyes from their sockets.

female trouble • more on John Jay Middle School’s vagina-gate, the school district is making the best of a bad call. Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues” and founder of V-Day, has accepted an invitation to appear in the Katonah-Lewisboro School District to lead a discussion about the importance of saying the word ‘vagina.’ For anyone who feels like dumping upon the offending administrator, here’s his email: [via John Wiser]

worth hearing • from NPR – Austin Bay, a retired colonel in the Army Reserve and a veteran of the Iraq war, explains some of the military jargon, which he’s compiled in a little handbook called Embrace the Suck: A Pocket Guide to Milspeak

also worth hearing • from WBUR’s On Point, about the The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts exhibit “Once Upon a Time Walt Disney” – a celebration of Gothic architecture, of painters Pre-Raphaelite, German romantic, Flemish, and of the notion of Walt Disney as artist. Very Biblio.

site worth seeing • this has nothing to do with books, cept the site has spawned one – the Stray Shopping Cart Project, images and classifications thereof. – ever think a lot of people have a lot more time on their hands then we do?

something new • from NPR as well (what do you think I did while I was hanging on to the sides of the bed?) Roger Angell talks about the new reissue of the Letters of E.B. White.

banktoaster • from the New Yorker‘s site, Paul Rudnick grabs the scrotum issue and runs with it. – giving us a few more inappropriate books for children.

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