a dame in the woods


So….there’s this outdoor social group called Trail Dames, and they had chapters in about 18 states…but not Maine… and ya’ll know I’m a very selfish person and well, damn it! I wanted a group like that here in Maine; if anything, Maine is THE state for hiking, it needs an outdoor group for women of a curvy nature…..not just so that I could join — fully intending to participate— and then NOT go to the events cause I have to rearrange my spice cabinets and name all the dust mites under the bed….you know…..the things I do to avoid doing the things I want to be doing…..well of course I stuck my big foot in my even bigger mouth… and now I am a dame…..head dame, actually…cause I volunteered to START the Maine group. (Trail Dames of Maine) yeah, I know I know I know……but taking on responsibilities and deadlines is GOOD for me… .. it forces me to do things I ought to be doing anyway. Besides I will be getting some Adult Supervision from the main wheel….which should never be overlooked…

Last week I announced the first hike, for next weekend and Saturday, Tinwolf (some of my adult supervision…a hiking MACHINE, literally..she has replacement joints, you could ask her…) and I did over 6 miles mapping out a nice 5 mile stretch of the legs for the Inaugural Hike of the Trail Dames of Maine. Six contiguous miles is probably the furthest I have hiked in recent memory. I am not at all surprised I did 6 miles, with a little rest iI can go much longer, I generally don’t quit anything, though I can push myself until I actually puke and fall down, that’s always fun…But I AM surprised that my joints didn’t punish me the next day for my efforts. Which is a very good sign, i guess getting a new dog was a good idea. Dog walking isn’t long, but it is regular.

Sometime this week, I will be announcing the hike after next which means we will have to get out and prehike that one…..which means I will be hiking every weekend to keep ahead of the group hikes…wait a minute…i must have been bad at the math…..i am hiking TWICE as far as everyone else?  geezus I’m already exhausted.



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