a day in the life

9:30AM – Made a guest appearance at the Bradford Rail Trail cleanup, I could only spend an hour getting dirty and saying hi – they had a great turn out about 40 people were working. Then I headed home to clean up and stuff a cat into a carrier.

11:00AM – set up for adoptions at Petco, North Andover…came home with the same number of cats i arrived with.

4:00pm – on the way home i picked up these 4 hitchhikers from Austin TX (Cassidy, Jordan, Billy and Hercules) heading for Portland Maine…87 miles away…so i said what the hell..emptied my bank account into my gas tank and off we went…don’t ask how we didn’t get stopped with the pile of them in the bed of the truck, but we didn’t and i deposited them at the Ferry entrance in Portland a couple of hours later. Always take the opportunity to be part of someone else’s adventure I always say.

6:30pm – Seeing as how it was too late and i was too broke to do anything else i turned around and came home. I like driving..at least i used to, as i age i find i get sleepy unless i’m take close care not to.

8:30pm – on the way home, I did a little constructive vandalism and confiscated two BANDIT signs that have been annoying my neighborhood. I have seriously started getting fedup with people messing up my universe – so i now i have a new hobby. BTW this is a very entertaining write up about removing BANDIT SIGNS in your own neighborhood.

9:30pm – and all my little circus freaks were waiting for me to feed them. Vincent has taken to sitting on my lap constantly and growling at anyone else who even wants to share the chair arm…he’s quite banged up, but is due to get a complete overhaul on monday…neuter, removal of most of his teeth and cropping of his mangled ear. So he better come home doped up to the gills with the good drugs cause he’s not Mr cheerful now.

and tomorrow i get up and do it all over again..only different.


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