a Flashy exit

My late friend Marian introduced me to Harry Flashman many years ago. At 95, she was exceedingly well and widely read, and died right about now last year. Her favorite books were by the newly deceased Geo MacDonald Fraser and the not nearly so newly deceased Robertson Davies. Marian had gone blind between Flashman and the Tiger (1999) and Flashman on the March (2005) So, I had the pleasure of reading the last Flashy novel to her outloud in the nursing home. If you have read any Flashy books, you know that there are quite a few naughty bits, and a few some scenes that are so un-PC they come around the other side. Try reading them outloud in a public place – I was the subject of much entertainment that month. If you have ever enjoyed Richard Lester’s Three and Four Musketeers movies also written by Fraser then you will have a good idea what lies in wait for you when you take a Flashman adventure tour: sex, violence, dead on balls historical accuracy, all wrapped up in a snarky grin and busting to get out. A you-are-there-experience so vivid you will smell the burning corpses. Do yourself a favor, get a cuppa and a book and treat yourself to a little Harry in the night. Bottoms up.

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