a good plan is hard to find

10414539_10152636267325312_8561659868401602761_n I snuck into the basement last night and did laundry…the new owners haven’t replaced MY appliaces with the coin ops yet  and these are still hooked up to my hot water system…hell  they haven’t even mowed the lawn. There was no sneaking, i just went down at night like normal. It just reminded me I hate being a tenant. The broker cancelled yesterdays meeting in Maine and i havent heard back from her…. this is really hard to do from a distance, but i think my fixation on the house i want makes them disinterested in the chore. I started chasing it myself…the FHA/HUD office has no information on it, and the Saco clerk’s office has none either. I’m back where i was 3 months ago.

There are arguments going on in my head again…the spurt of self-indulgent spending is over…i still need glasses and a haircut, but lately everything i am buying is work related. I drop 100 with one vendor and 200 with another, i KNOW in my brain, it’s all coming back to me eventually…but the little voice sitting in the corner is UNHELPFULLY reminding me that every time i spend money at all, i am injuring my chance to purchase that fucking house. I usually tell her to shut the fuck up and let me work. I have nearly replaced all the products i USED to carry…its been such a long time since i have sold anything but the basic items, i am wondering if i will get customers to come back. I had hoped to move before now…i miss having a workshop…all the tools are packed. and i don’t have a cat free space..not without some effort, anywhere. I think the video camera was supposed to come today, it will come tomorrow..i will try to rig up something temporary in the bedroom and do some practice demonstration videos. the goal for the new site, is to cannibalize my book repair book, and do videos demos of the repairs, offering the products for sale on the same page with the demo. at least that’s the plan. Summer is my slow time, my very slow time….so all the money i am spending right now, i will see none of that until the last week of August. When I express my doubt about what I am doing, my friends remind me, that i MADE A GOOD PLAN and now I am just executing it. I love a good plan. But i tend to see things blow up in my face. THis is the 1st time i have been able to put my money where my plan is.

The Tundra’s bad gas mileage s eating at me. I tell people it is the Swiss Army Knife of trucks, in fact I could put a snow plow on it if i want. But right now it kinda sucks to live with… i work at home, i don’t drive everyday, and as we have seen for all these weeks without a vehicle, i don’t even drive every week sometimes. BUT when I do, i need to do a chore or three. I did three trips in the truck the other day, and moved a shit ton of stuff from the barn to the wildlife sanctuary, including transporting a kennel run from one town to another and i still have another load of crap to move tomorrow. I LIKE having the proper tool to do the proper job….i am just desperately hoping i can increase my income to the point that spending $80 for a tank of gas becomes something i can’t afford. Hence the investigation into snow plows. Though my other option, is once i move…to trade it in on something more frugal. We’ll see, it’s all a crap shoot.

After making a wasted trip up to the Dealership, they didn’t have my bed liner and cap in, and neglected to tell me. I just drove off and went antiquing…if i am going to waste gas, i may as well waste a lot of it. I spent about $12 on books, and $15 on a window – i don’t know why i wanted the window..it was inexpensive and in good shape. I guess it’s cause i have to leave all the ones in the barn and basement, they are too badly worn for me to reuse in a greenhouse or anything else. This one has a lot of potential. The books on the other hand… proves that using my iphone to look up stuff before i buy is great….but damn my instincts are still good. The two kids books are worth in the 50-100 dollar range each. So once they sell, that should make up for all the gas i wasted…making the window free.

I haven’t been bookshopping for books to resell…in a very very long time. Many years. Not since before the bottom fell out of the market. These days, even if i find desirable books, that doesn’t mean the internet isn’t flooded with them.  So I don’t like buying by guesswork.    I walked through about 4 antique group shops…usually i am distracted by shiny objects and end up buying crap i don’t need. But since i have no house to put it in, i found there was nearly nothing that caught my eye and when it did, i just took a picture of it instead of buying it. The voices had a good long discussion this afternoon…the one who likes to shop and buy new shit, reached a deal with the one who doesn’t even want to GO INTO stores like this, just to avoid temptation. Basically I am not going to even consider buying anything for resale unless it is unique. The other two books in the picture are signed by the artists, so they fell into that category…and the were each $4, so this isn’t a big gamble. But today was basically a test run, if i want to indulge my inner hunter gatherer, so i can add still ANOTHER tool, another method to bring in income…then I have to rewrite the rules; if something isn’t unique or original, there is no sense in dragging it home and ‘working’ at selling it. That rule alone kept me from buying or even having to research almost everything i saw.


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