A hole in the water

I bought a boat. First let me explain. technically i have many jobs, 1 that pays and several that don’t (much to the consternation of the utility companies)…and recently i have been working for the US Census which makes it my 4th job…and whenever I sit down at the PC, I seem to loose many hours…not just 3 or 4 but 15 or 16 – putting yours truly behind a great big hairy eightball. Perhaps If I finally find a device to let me blog on the run, I will find a happy medium; but nevertheless here I am again.

Back to the boat thing. In the 2 years I have been working on the rail trail project here in town I have looked longingly out over the wildlife sanctuary waters and wanted to ‘get out there’ – luckily no one in their right mind would lend me one of their own. But recently the rail trail project has heated up and my attempts to attract more visitors to the area demands that i take more pictures, pictures of areas not normally seen. After 2 years of watching boats come and go on craigslist, i dove into the deep water and borrowed from both peter and paul not to mention mary. Overall she’s not a very expensive boat, she’s not a very big nor elaborate one: a 10 foot aluminum jon boat, but she is the equivalent of the one owner with low mileage which was more than I felt comforatable investing.

After that rainy Tuesday when I picked her up and christened her the “Jerome K” for reasons that shouldn’t need explaining, she has cost me almost what I have paid for her! Truly living up to the ‘hole in the water one throws money into’ metaphor. First there was the life vest from Cabellas – with shipping it was about $30, then the anchor and the anchor and bow lines..$45, no she didn’t come with an anchor, she didn’t even come with cleats to tie the lines to $24; and $40 for the new rechargable power drill to install said cleats after my 12 year old drill took one look at the boat and said “CYA!” Then there was rekitting out my first aid kit from a little day hiking to full boat marine emergency level – $30, and the extendable emergency paddle $10 (she DID have oars and oar locks thank jebus- but i am terrified of becoming oarless), then duct tape, wire cutters, hooks, rope, and a new blue tarp in the wrapper $22..ever try to get a blue tarp folded back as small as it was when you bought it?, and new polarizing sunglasses to replace mine which are broked – $34. ALL of this before she has even gotten WET!

I did happen upon some actual boat shoes at the salvation army, though I still haven’t found a decent hat…i don’t have a hat friendly head so this may take a while.


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