a little bad and a little good

IMG_8728Today  i was a little bad and a little good….i put IN the rest of the money from selling the trailer, and i went down to get caught up with my mechanic…turns out he is on vacation until next week, probably down in Florida, lucky bastard, anyway i put the money back in the bank like a good girl- well most of it…….then i went a little wild at the pawn shop and came home with a 18v Dewalt Saw, Drill, two batteries and a charger, all for 90 dollars. They may be well used but after setting up the dollies, i was still in a mood to build more things, and they should give me a jump start on some of my smaller projects. That didn’t seem to give me the instant gratification that i was looking for, so i took a spin through the thrift store and came out with a couple of kitchen items including a tiny cheap but attractive stainless roaster that shockingly fits in my ridiculously wee countertop oven.


And then i saw this white thing….wait before you say – why are you buying furniture when you haven’t bought a house?….yeah I KNOW… but i had to buy it to stop me from buying something else, something less worthwhile…..let me explain…. I was again thinking about the popular hackable Ikea Rast three drawer cabinet, which would be all well and good if i lived where i could walk in and out of an Ikea and ONLY spend the $35 cost of the cabinet….but taking a closer look, it has no bottom and the back is only partially fiberboard and right now i don’t need anything so flimsy for any of my ideas. Seeing as how it would cost me $25 in gas to GET to an Ikea which coincidentally is the cost of buying a Rast online and having it shipped to me.   Ergo  the rast is actually sixty…you can see where i am going with this…. this  cabinet was only $40, has four drawers and though actually on the small side weighs a bloody ton.  – It needs wheels –  I think its ‘rock maple under all that paint, at least the insides make me think that.  Now, i have a cheap piece i can clean up and hack and spend less money. In the end i will have a much better piece AND i get to sate my urge to make something.

Meanwhile back on the battlefront,  I haven’t heard directly from my new lawyer yet only indirectly through my broker.  They both say not to worry, my brother’s people have been telling some big whoppers and it is not as dire as they have been painting it.  (whoppers and dire are my words of course)  Once they told me to relax, i went on my little spending spree through the pawn shop and thrift store. BACK in the day, one my favorite things to do EVER was to trolling second hand stores looking for good deals, items of high value lowly priced…..i spend decades decorating my house and outfitting my kitchen…then my life got squeezed into this apartment and it took time for me to realize i didn’t need all that to live a small squalid life.  Hence a tiny oven that doesn’t fit a roasting pan.  I’m having a very nice time imagining a new houses with a larger kitchen and a stove that works, and rooms of furniture suitable for company.  I am trying very hard not to fixate on that picture…there is still a chance Himself can make my future very difficult and it may not turn out as idylic as i am hoping… pawn shop tools are plenty good enough for what needs doing right now.


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