a little nosh

Someone should really write a treatise on cats and bookstores. Silly me, they probably have, booksellers love to see their name ON a book, even if they have to use a rubber stamp! (ROLTFLMAO, it takes so little to amuse me.) Cats were the very first bookstore employee; consider how hard it is to keep stores of books pest free these days, imagine 50, 100 or 500 years ago? even five thousand? All those yummy starches,, scrolls of papyrus and animal glues, delicious treats for the rodent in the right place at the right time.

At some point in the last few days a mouse popped up under the armoire. His presence told me two things: 1-that he was obviously suicidal and could not be expected to care for himself properly and 2- my cats are completely incompetent. After a couple of days I gave up waiting for them to catch it and did it myself. Truth is they didn’t WANT to catch it, they have been unhappy with the lack of small animals amusements and if they could type anything besides gibberish would have probably served me notice to the effect.

Their previous pet, the Beta Fish had been a big hit, but proved to easy to kill, if not by contaminants then by outright feline prejudice. But a fish tank with a tempered glass top still makes the perfect cat entertainment center. Nosh, as he is now known is almost completely oblivious to his viewers and not surprisingly can exist on the same diet that I do, apples, raisins and peanut butter. Unlike me, Nosh pays much more attention to personal grooming, he spends hours of his day fussing with his hair.

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