a needful house

2014-01-29 15.59.34I was wandering around up inside my head for a few days… We’ve had a lot of nibbles but no bites on the property, i have another showing on Friday too. I started writing a couple of posts and got sick of listening to my own whining, half my brain is stressing that everything’s going to go tits up and i will be struggling to selling this house and end up getting a lot less money than i planned on. And the other half is still happily picking out silverware patterns to match the damn house.

Finally i had something REAL to stimulate the little grey cells so they stop feeding on each other. Today I took the kittens to their new home with my friends in Portland…by the way, the truck has no heat right now….that made the trip all the more interesting. I took the opportunity to check out ‘the house’, I took a couple of passes by before i got up the nerve to park and get out, though i was too chicken shit to walk all the waay around. I should have though. It’s empty of course, so is the one next door now. the tiny pocket neighborhood is a little seedier than i expected, but i think it’s more working class than welfare class, cause everyone seemed to be out to work. Cept the guy working on the empty house. THE house…you know if i end up buying it, it’s going to need a name…it has a lot less yard than the satelite imagery had led me to believe, but it has a shit load more view than i had guessed. And also as i had guessed, it needs a lot of work, and i am sure on the inside as well. But if the price is low enough, i really don’t mind…scroll back 6 months and you will find posts where i proclaim i am sick of fixer uppers. And this is all that and a bag of chips. I guess that’s why i didn’t go INTO the back yard and around the other side, i didn’t want to see anything that would put me off. Thinking about this house and that view makes me happy. Thinking about the rest of my life makes me stressed. 2014-01-29 16.00.04

When i got up to Portland, the kittens got their home with some friends from the book industry, and i took the opportunity to detail the new SicPress publishing plan, spinny rack, Maine local histories and all. And they were very enthusiastic…i actually think i was breaathing easier when i left. The first folks i have run across who understand what i am planning and think it’s going to work out just fine. They can even hook me up with a cover artist and other folks i will need. A fixer upper is a needy house, the TO DO list is bottomless, and you can spend absolutely every dollar you ever have feeding it. I need to get my shit together regarding building up the businesses beyond the little that trickles in right now. I feel much better about investing in my business, than i feel about spending money on anything else, THAT money i know will come back to me….and go right into the damn house…..but the view…the view will be worth the price.

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