a place for my stuff

Whhere would be all be without George Carlin for verbalizing the need for A place for your stuff?  It’s the only thing that runs through my head these days… Today was ‘the signing’  – personally I think the day the house was MINE, mine was last Monday when I basically emptied the bank account and paid for it…but ‘the signing’ day…i signed about 15 things and shook some hands and was handed some keys. Congratulations you have a place for your stuff.   I just wish i had less stuff.

To make the trip count, I loaded the truck with all the things from the garage that i could stuff into the SHED…don’t get me started on it…it needs a roof and a floor and a flamethrower..i will get an estimate from the carpenter on improvements or replacements AFTER he finishes the porch and after i get him to look at a couple of other physical changes I need done to make the house suitable for me and my stuff.   The previous owner is leaving in the morning..no big deal, i can’t leave the cats more than a couple of days at a time anyway.  So I go up tomorrow and try to get things measured and painted etc…

All the time I have spent  measuring the house and planning where to put things has been in my imagination,  that will finally be able to do it for real tomorrow… as it lays, I am giving away more items that I thought I would be taking…a dresser, a chair, a trunk, the microwave..anything i absolutely have no affection for doesn’t NEED to make the trip.  With the rental truck I will be moving the piles of boxes of books from this house to that house with the exact same result..all boxes no room.  Hopefully once the porch is complete, I can move all the boxes from inside the house out to the porch leaving actual room in the room.

I got to spend some time with the previous owner today while we both poked around the house… and got a few hints about the neighborhood..i had forgotten what close built houses were like…… lawnmowers and leafblowers and after hours deck parties… so the whole way back, my brain was chewing on this..wondering what have I done?…and how I can get out of it, if it all goes to shit.    If i do end up killing and burying my neighbors for various crimes and misdemeanors, I can always put the house up for sale and find one of those big empty fixer uppers I avoided.  Of course I really do need to improve my income so I don’t get hoist by my own petard.

The frustating thing is I have spent Damn little time exploring Portland or even BEING in Portland or Maine..I only decided to move there, what?  Three weeks ago…. and so far I’ve been driving up doing what needs doing and then driving back…if I am lucky, like today I get to grab a bite with my broker. Today it was Brealu a charming Breakfast/Lunch place on Forest Ave.  very creative, worth finding a parking space.   Aside from that I really only visit the mall by the house, which is nearly identical to the malls I have around here.  Not a lot of  terroir experienced yet.


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