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Ok, ok, ok, I am out of love with the whole Artbin Satchel thingy…i shopped and shopped and couldn’t find it any lower than about $39 and i will be damned if I will spend that for a plastic case for spools of thread. What I want is something that DOES what that item does but won’t cost me a tank of gas. I wanted to insert a link here to an article that i read the other day which advised to organize your crap BEFORE you buy the container to put it all in. I am trying to add that to my bag of RULES – starting with this particular task. I do have my eye on some of the inexpensive Plano products from the sporting goods aisle and when i finally commit, it will probably be to something from there.

On the way home I popped into Big Lots to get some $3 poly fleece throws 50″x60″ that i can cut up for the cage hammock project. There I found these handly baskety things, which I had already had been mooning over at the Container Store for more than twice the price. (right now your wondering how much time i spend in these places…not that much actually, i was on the container store once last year and hadn’t been there for 3 years before that. I don’t go into stores to shop for therapy….anymore…basically i go in hoping to find something i need….and usually leave empty handed. Long story short I bought all they had on the shelf.

Among all the things I cleaned, tossed and freecycled yesterday, I put the doors back on the cupboard in my office. I had used it as OPEN shelving for the last 15 years and stored the doors in the basement. The doors are clean enough to repaint and hang okay enough – but it’s an outside wall and it’s gonna get COLD in there. Cold enough for dead storage, even a pantry. Once I start pulling all the items out of the cupboard that should have been listed on EBAY a long time ago, it will leave me with some nicely empty shelves. These baskets should work out nicely to use the ENTIRE width of a shelf, not just lining stuff up against the back wall. The negative reviews of these bad boys complain that they are too LIGHT to pick up by the handle when full.well no shit Dick Tracy…they are BASKETS..about a smidgen thicker than the kind you put your hair brushes in. As long as they corral like items together for less than $2, who gives a damn? I’m pleased with the expense and want to start cleaning out those shelves immediately. Hey, one takes the motivation where one finds it.

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