a very very long week

I started this post a few times and kept putting it aside. the worst part passed and my face is back to it’s normally fat self but the post poison ivy symptoms just keep on coming. I don’t get much sleep anymore and not a whole lot gets done, i am just grateful i didn’t pickup measles or chicken pox, I wouldn’t have an inch of skin left.

don’t worry you didn’t miss anything, i didn’t post anything to twitter or facebook either. the most i have been able to do is scan other people’s feeds…

Fine Books Blog (can they still call them selves a magazine if they don’t actually have a magazine?)
Book Patrol – Michael does find the bestest suff
Lux Mentis – Ian gave me the heads up about the Bodleian Library banning stepladders after 400 years of use.
Maud Newton of course
the Wellcome library – has a very nice little blog
Cozy Mystery Blog – funny i don’t read cozy mysteries

there are so many, i will try to share with you the ones i actually still pay attention to.

On the bright side…i DID see J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot and if you haven’t you should. I am very glad i lived long enough to see this film…and it more than makes up for having to sit through Star Trek the Motion Picture in 79, but hasn’t quite given back the 107 minutes i lost watching ‘Final Frontier’ in 1989, perhaps on repeat viewing.

more later
grilling onions now

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