accidental hutch

hutch I really can’t be trusted with money, i really can’t…i need a fucking keeper… Just when i am getting rid of everything i can, so i don’t have to bring it with me. I bought a hutch. [hangs in head in shame] I didn’t mean to, it just happened.

I was on craigslist….i felt it safe enough to look at all the used shit people are trying to sell for way too much money…I had just listed my mother’s chairs on there six chairs for $40……and someone is sending me messages asking if they are still available…there’s a good chance she’s coming up on Sunday… granted i am not selling them for much…..I want them gone quick, and i know that replacing the seats will cost well more than the chairs are worth…I figure someone will buy them as fixer uppers.

So, I was running my fingers through craigslist just for shits and giggles…and i clicked on this hutch…i always click on hutches and bookcases, regardless of what size house i am going into, I’m gonna need these things..there’s no

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sense in taking my shit out of boxes without furniture to shelve it on, right?

And as it happened the hutch is only 17″ wide… not a common size…so that gives it one of the qualities that puts it on my Maybe Pile. Narrow or smaller than average furniture is rare…i know i’ve been looking for a while now . Only furniture making the move are smaller than normal – stuff i know i will able to fit and can move on my own. If you limit the stuff you own to what you can store properly, then you will have less shit right?

The next was the price — $100….yeah a little more than i would normally pay for a spur of the moment decision…but for the last 8 months i have been looking at unfinished hutches, even small ones…and they start at $169 and aren’t half this nice, so big deal i’m paying a little extra to get something i know i will be keeping and i know i can resell it if i get tired of it.

2014-03-21 16.24.06

And thirdly….the seller is in Andover..a couple of towns down the road… and the seller has offered to deliver it, they must need the money quick…how can i bitch about that? that alone saves me gas and trouble of having to pick it up……in the truck that shouldn’t be going anywhere to begin with.

Of course if i didn’t have the money in the bank i wouldn’t even consider it. So not having money actually protects me from all this rationalization. I wouldn’t been buying a piece of furniture for the house i don’t have yet. Yes i should be leaving the money in the bank, i know this, i appreciate it. And no…a hundred dollars isn’t going to make a dent in the truck repairs or the electric bill, and the others are paid right now. I have serious trouble planning for the future. I am working, I am terrified at buying this house.. have I accounted for all the bills i will be taking on? will i be able to keep up with them? am i putting enough money into making more money? should i just not buy furniture? should i just take free stuff and what i find on the curb? Even the stuff sold in the thrift stores has been creeping up in price. The only time you can find good deals on shit is at the end of the day at flea markets and at bulk auctions…should i wait and scrounge those places hoping to find exactly what i want? yeah the noise in my head has been awful lately.

Am i just buying the hutch to say i have done something today that moves the entire moving process forward? or am i just looking for that little endorphine rush of buying something? I already have plans for the thing, it’s getting a coat of white paint…i know that’s blasphemy in certain circles..but it’s pine, who gives a shit…pine is NOT sexy. it’s not even subtle.. i grew up in a world of knotty pine cupboards, it’s like living in a Grimm fairy tale. It’s getting painted white so that when it gets all dinged up from use, i can throw another coat of white paint on it and go forward. It will also make my blue teapot look good. So I bought a tiny hutch for my tiny collection anything that doesn’t fit in it, doesn’t make the trip.

Now i just need a house to put it in.

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