adapt or die, eh?

So, i was listening to On the Media episode that covers Book publishing …Adapt or Die..which included some sections that were previously run in Spring…long story short there was a section that i had to pause and rerun several times…it covered a person..i can’t really say ‘author’  who has a scary number of  publications ..i really won’t call them ‘books’  available on Amazon…technically the majority are Kindle Store items….which i hadn’t realized digital only items don’t show up on Amazon’s BOOK search..only if they have a printed version available..don’t know why i didn’t realize that.

Anyway,  back to the little authoress … I spent some time examining the 87 items she has listed on the Kindle store.….which was as predicted..much of the items .99 cents or not had negative reviews or no reviews at all…and a great many were incredibly short, some merely single recipes.  Which led me to a smack on the head moment…combining this information with other analyses of the state of digital books reminds me that there is a popularity for shorter pieces…well of course -doh!….since i have had the Kindle Fire, i myself tend towards Kindle Singles, short stories and essays…. so what….right?….well it seems the prolific but fake author’s concept is sound….but her practice is bad form. …. And i am sure if i dig around on Kindle Store I will find some other writers who have nailed the concept, after all they have millions of ‘titles’ available right?…   The royalty on .99 cents is shit…but if one had enough titles and enough sales…then perhaps it would be worth the effort.   Perhaps?

I dug around in my unfinished essay pile…. a lot of them are items I wrote for this blog over the last 5 years, just not corrected, edited or expanded upon.  I know i know…i have a shite load of unfinished projects now…but the ones I give two shits about are longer BOOKS designed to be paper form with a digital option.   Perhaps i should polish off a few of the more Keyword friendly essays and toss them out onto the digital sea…just to see what floats.

So aside from losing a ton of weight, improving my income and continuing to put food stores aside and reduce my possessions I will add…’publish more E Books’ to my list of 2013 THINGS TO DO.


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