adult supervision

racestart Adult Supervision…that’s what i wrote on Lawyer#4’s fee agreement. He laughed,  I was serious… that’s what i am paying for, a grownup who can see through my brother’s bullshit and call him on it and make sure i don’t get hoist by my own petard….or my brother’s petard for that matter.   (a petard is a bomb go google it.)   Tomorrow I will drop off the 100 I have made this weekend to pay for the consult, then the clock will really start ticking, i realize i will end up writing a 5 digit check, hell, i will be writing a lot of checks when i sell the house…. i have bills, some have dust on them, some are glowing red they are so hot to the touch. Another thing i need Lawyer4 to recommend is an accountant, left to my own devices we both know i could easily blow through 300K in weekend. I have no sense of money…and no sense of self preservation, i’m the person if i have 50 bucks and you need 50 bucks i will give it to you …because i know i can’t get by without the 50 bucks. I generally pay the bill in front of me, the one that is the crying baby in the crib, the ones that are lurking around the next corner, i try not to think about, it helps me get out of bed in the morning.

Yesterday was given over to rail trail stuff…it was supposed to be a big event day, but as is Methuen’s want, hardly anyone showed up besides those of us who who were throwing the damn thing. The city hall and the media only give our event a lukewarm amount of support…seriously they have no idea how to exploit the city’s resources. another thing i can’t really dwell on otherwise i start gnashing my teeth.


I tried shooting some pix, but after being dropped in the river (in its case) a few times and peed on by a cat once, the Fuji is an uncooperative camera to say the least. I really need to buy at least two different cameras and assorted lenses  when i sell the house…. I have stopped looking at home decorating items  like a drunken housewife…but i am giving myself free range to preshop for what i consider WORK items. Anything I use to WORK, or to generate money. Scanners, software, devices, and of course digital cameras. I have no choice i need a serious camera for serious work, i need to shoot higher resolution, in RAW format and have changable lenses. Submitting photos for stock photography always seemed like a good venue for me for more of what i call ‘passive agressive’ money. Along with shooting images i can submit to local news and use for publications. EVen just selling framed pictures would be an option. My best Methuen images are always in demand for me to give them for FREE for charity auctions, but sadly no one has wanted to pay me directly for my work. Though I have sold a couple of pix in the past to the newspaper.     I have gotten rid of nearly every other camera including the broken digital ones,  except ones i actually shoot with.  And I am picking out a pocket camera and a DLSR and lenses.

I think i finally decided on a particular flat pack kitchen table which seats 6-8…not that it will NEED to seat 6-8 that often, i really just want it that size so i can frame photographs comfortably.   But Harry and Danny’s parents (they are pictured) are threatening to be regular houseguests in my new place. Apparently Harry senior has a fascination with western Mass, but motel space can get a little pricey, so i told him to buy a Class-C camper and park it in my yard.  I had to make sure their threats were sincere.  I don’t want to be stuck with a cat free guest room and a tiki bar with no guests to look forward to.  The Class-C camper is of course so that the boys will have someplace of their own to stay… ….WHAT?!?

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