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youshouldtakeavacationHow does one start an advice column? I’m serious.   Believe it or not I get a LOT of emails, even phone calls, even persons in PERSON, asking my opinion on a huge range things.  Not just topics of a bookish nature either, people ask me for LIFE advice, WORK advice, TECHNICAL Advice…even the dreaded RELATIONSHIP advice…I KNOW! What are they thinking? Have they MET me? I ruefully shake my head in wonder. I mean face it, if you are asking MY advice you must really be in trouble.

You would think after the first offering, they’d learn their lesson and not come back.  No fear.   My friends always know I’m a soft touch for internet advice, software advice, photography advice, advice advice.

This week I had a friend and his wife rope me into advising his elderly unsuccessful real estate agent mother on what to do with her career.  They were ecstatic with my advice (I think she should specialize in elderly downsizers.) The mother on the other hand who has  only sold 1 mobile home in 4 years doesn’t think she needs any.  I agree, if she’s happy don’t screw with her qi. (chi for the rest of us)

Another friend whose work I have been editing for over a year has been offered a promotion to assistant editor and wants to know if she should take the job…maybe that was her way of asking me to keep on doing her work for her.

Let’s not forget the friend of a friend who is asking me to market his self published book, unfortunately I can’t in good conscience help inflict such a badly written book on the unsuspecting pubic. He doesn’t seem to think gramadic erors matter.  And I agree, unless he pays me to reedit the damn thing, then it will matter.

I guess I need to ask someone else’s advice on starting an advice column.

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