agoraphobia here I come

Merry at work
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I think I just went over to the dark side. You know the point where you have constructed your life so that you never HAVE to leave your house? Today I placed a grocery order from my PC to have be delivered to the house. Mind you I live within 5 miles of about 7 supermarkets. I’m not being lazy, it’s more like self defense. Every time I go in for just a few things I buy more than I intend even if I have my list. It’s not that I am an impulse buyer, it’s most often sale items or stuff I really do need or want but not necessarily need on the day. The other thing I have to struggle against, is time loss. Right now I have paying and non paying projects on my desk, fighting for attention with books that I am dying to catalog. Going to the grocery store, will probably include a few side trips I also don’t intend. So, ordering milk, eggs and cat litter from the comfort of my PC seems perfectly rational and reasonable today. In retrospect it was almost the only thing I hadn’t arrange to go by PC anyway. Bills, banking, clothing, buying, selling, shipping – now I just need to find a liquor store that delivers.

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