albino brain chiggers

. . . or snow, whatever you want to call it.

It is one thing to be stuck in the house, cause you WANT to be, it is quite another to be trapped not of your own accord. Himself, (my brother) is a skinflint, and refuses to call the plow guy for such piddling amounts of snow as 3 inches. Now, myself and 2 other tenants without 4-wheel drive are kinda screwed, as my driveway is a steep incline and the length of a dead end street. Getting down is easy, that’s just gravity, getting back up is problematic as there is no on street parking. So here I sit listening to the others leave melted rubber on the pavement. Sure I have enough food to get by, as I am told cats taste like chicken, but any moment now I am gonna run out of two vital items that make my life worth living, cat litter and Red Bull. Sans either of these items and I may as well top myself.

Doesn’t much matter sales are in the toilet, I would have to wait for someone to buy something to be able to go out and buy something in turn. Obviously I am spending the down time cataloging books I have ignored, assembling a print catalog, and doing a lot of nonsense things that don’t need doing but allow me to pretend I matter.

I have become obsessed with updating wikipedia entries, it started with my Helen Gibson research. Instead of keeping it all to myself, I elected to rewrite all the inaccuracy that was her wikipedia article. Then it spilled over into adding my image her fountain to the Dorothea Dix, article. Then I added one to the Mary Dyer piece. Now I am reworking the stub, which is what they call a snippet of an article just screaming to be rewritten, of Dorothy Hale, a suicidal actress from the 1930s. Something about her lack of attention appealed to me. Who wants to die so spectacularly as throwing oneself out a 16 story window wearing a little black dress and a corsage, only to be forgotten because your life hasn’t been digitized?

While I was doing all this wikipedia wanking, I created a nice little listing for the Bibliophile Mailing List? remember that, our parent organism, our raison d’etre? Anyway, I am sure the grammar is atrocious but all the facts and figureheads are there. In our new age of government nannyism and outrageous violations of civil liberties, (what did you think I would ignore the TSA confiscating electronic devices and blackmailing people out of their passwords and personal data?) Wikipedia seems to be a very democratic, as long as you’re not a total dipshit or try to foist your opinions on others, you can waste ages and ages of time pretending to be actually working.

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