Alice in Wonderland Day*

*SEE? i told you I was gonna start making up my own holidays.

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1841 – 1st date in James Clavell’s novel Tai-Pan

1862 – On meeting Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, President Abraham Lincoln remarked “So, this is the little lady who made the big war.” yeah, like it was all HER fault.

1864 –
Lewis Carroll sends the handwritten manuscript of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Alice Liddell as an early Christmas Present.

1865 –
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll published in US

1928 – Philip Barry’s Holiday, premieres in New York City

site worth seeing • Complete text of Alice in Wonderland complete with Arthur Rackham illustrations. (via Artpassion who also sells such as posters)

lost n’found • Yale’s long missing Lewis Carroll letter found on eBay and recovered. The seller claims the chain of custody wound through our unsuspecting friends at Whitlock Farm Booksellers.

mitzvah • Retired journalist to Washington and Lee University,

worth hearing • from NPR Talk of the Nation spends an hour mulling over the question “What is a classic?”, in honor of the Everyman’s Library 100th anniversary

cookies • The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America announced yesterday that James Gunn will be honored as the next Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master. (via Sci Fi Bookworm)

banktoaster • another timewaster – Scribble, a flash game where you draw lines to keep the blots from falling to their death.

event • the Salon International de la Bibliophile, will be held for the first time in Brussels from Dec 7-10. Via Rare Book Review blog.

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