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Today’s mail brought an ebay box of melamine foam..yes the stuff from which Mr Clean’s Magic erasers are made… wait let me explain….
To keep myself inspired to clean the up the joint, I hang out on a few places on the net like Unclutterer Discussion Forum or and most recently UnfuckYourHabitat tumblr blog which is an offshoot of the Iphone App. yes there’s an App for that. The way to use these places on the net, is to cruise them for about 30 minutes until you feel guilty enough to get up off your ass and go clean something. Anyway…the UFYH posters are all in awe of the Magic Eraser….i had tried it before but i really couldn’t rationalize the costs of the damn things 75 cents to a buck for a piece of foam that last about the length of the average tv commercial.

So I’m looking at all these before and after pictures of what magic it can do, so i buy one and i like it, but you know how cheap I am. I try the ones from the discount store and discovered they are the same…no i mean they are EXACTLY the same…and I did a little research…BASF owns the patent to make this shit, so they are ALL the same. Regardless of where they come from, even the foam that’s used for insulation is the same as these…i KNOW…a buck each? what are we HIGH? Mr. Clean really saw us coming… and is preying on our brand subconsciousness.

Now armed with this information…i tried ebay – the boot sale to the world. There are a lot of folks on ebay selling these little form bricks at fire sale rates. My box contained 50 extra thick for $ was so light when i brought in the box, I’m thinking …oh no, i must have gotten ripped off…so i count the bricks…50 bricks…exactly the same as the ones from US.

They seem to be sheets of this foam insulation cut by hand. What I’m NOW thinking is – what are these guys thinking they made out selling dirt cheap foam insulation to some idiot in the US, who’s willing to pay for $15 for it. Though to be fair half that price probably went towards the shipping, which can’t be all that free. So now I have paid 7 or 8 dollars for 50 of these things..can i do BETTER than that? probably if i can find someplace locally that vends this stuff AS Foam Insulation..then i have to buy it in a sheet probably for more than 8 bucks and then figure out how to cut it up. so who am I to begrudge this guys labors of cutting foam insulation into little legos and shipping them overseas.

Meanwhile since i needed to take a shower ANYWAY, I grab a couple of bricks and did the shower surround…yes it’s easier to do while you are taking a shower. There are not many things in life you can say that about.

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